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Hotel & Resort Management Company In Malaysia

Lumira Hotels & Resorts International is a boutique Malaysian-based international Hotel Consultancy and Management Company. We strive to be the most comprehensive Hospitality Consultancy and premier Hotel Management Company in Malaysia. Founded in September 2010 by industry veterans that have served decades in major global and regional hotel brand chains. Our key people have also played a major role in the guidance and creation of new local hotel brands with the capacity to compete with the best the market has to offer.


Our key partners having had served so many years for well-known brands, decided to venture on their own to chart a new chapter and carve their own destinies with the creation of Lumira Hotels & Resorts International with the specific aim of designing, and creating new and memorable hotels for itself and for its distinguished clients.


Lumira’s guests will find that in whichever category of hotels they choose to stay in; they will find that Lumira hotels have been carefully designed to cater to their needs. We provide more than just a comfortable stay; our goal is to allow our guests to discover at their pace the rich cultural tapestry authentic to each location.


The company focuses on what it knows best – exclusively in the area of hospitality. We provide a whole gamut of services from consultancy and advisory on Hotel & Hospitality Management; technical and development expertise, turnaround services, hotel marketing services, hotel training, management and operational expertise.


Lumira wants to create memorable experiences for our guests and deliver value to our distinguished clients through real world application of years of experience in the hospitality field. Continuous innovation is part of our DNA and the basis for driving excellence in service delivery and investment returns.


Lumira Hotels & Resorts International manages under its own brands; or Owner’s own brand for hotels, resorts and residences. 

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Comprehensive and specific to the industry, our services are customizable to your every need


We are individuals of various background and expertise adding value to the services we offer

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