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Hotel Consultancy Services

Hotel Consultancy Service

We provide hotel consultancy Services in different aspects:

Assessment & Evaluation of Hotel Operations:

Conducting thorough inspection and assessment on current running hotel operations and provide Hotel Owners and Operators an evaluation report on arears of inefficiencies and in need of improvement with appropriate solutions and timelines.


Hotel Turnaround Services:

Takeover management and operations of underperforming hotels through repositioning or rebranding exercise.


Hotel Market Research:

Provide in-depth research and analytical works on hotel feasibility within its environment. This includes assessment of location and site specific, supply & demand analysis, defining the market place, competitive set analysis, unique product proposition and positioning, among others.


Financial Feasibility Studies:

Financial Projection and Investment Return analysis.


Developing Hotel Concepts:

Development of a hotel very much dependant on how well the various facets of the product requirements are put together.  Based on the market research and feasibility, the product is then shaped together in a form of a Product Concept that will be the guide to develop the physical product.


Food & Beverage Consultants:

Implementing Food & Beverage Control and Systems as well as developing Food & Beverage Concepts for Restaurants and Bars


Blueprinting Standards, Procedures and Policies:

Developing and implementing of SOP’s for property-specific.


Developing Job Profiles:

Develop list of job responsibilities based on set skills and knowledge required for each job position in the hotel organization structure.


Developing and Implementing Control and Reporting Systems:

Develop and establish measures of control within each department to ensure efficiency.

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