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Hospitality Management Consultant In Malaysia

Founded in September 2010 by hospitality industry veterans that have served decades in major global and regional hotel brand chains and played a formative role in the creation of new local hotel brands competing with the best in the market.


The key partners decided then to venture forth on their own to create Lumira, a boutique Malaysian based firm, that aims to create new and memorable hotels for itself and its clients.


As a leading hospitality management consultant in Malaysia, the firm focuses wholly in the area of hospitality – providing services in consultancy, advisory, development advice, marketing, financial and management expertise & services.


In this short space of time, we are involved in multiple developments in various capacities from research, conceptualization, technical, audit and management from as far away as Oman in the Middle East, Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean and 4 more hotels closer to home in Malaysia.


Our aim has always been to create memorable experience for our guests and value for our clients through real world application of years of experience in the hospitality field. Coupled with our firm’s DNA for continuous emphasis on innovation to drive excellence in hospitality service and investment returns.


Our Team

Datuk Ikbal Abouelkacem Abbasi


Datuk Ikbal is a well known businessman in the middle east region and holds directorships in several companies. He is heavily involved in the oil and gas industry and is a key strategic advisor for national oil & gas companies in the middle east. Datuk Ikbal is also a special advisor to the sovereign wealth funds of the middle east.

He is currently pursing his personal business interest in the middle east region and aboard. His experience in strategy, negotiation, business modelling and risk assessment in real estate, oil and gas, renewable energy, hotels and other key industries provide Lumira Hotels & Resorts International an enormous wealth of experience, advice and guidance.

Orchestra Conductor on Stage

Jude Allen @ Javed Abdullah

Managing Director

Javed Abdullah @ Jude Allen’s (“Jude”) career spans more than 42 years in the Hospitality Industry, His expertise in conceptualisation and development of hotels to the management and operations of hotels of various sophistication in more than 8 countries has led him to be highly regarded Hotelier in the industry. His experience in the industry includes Development, Finance, Strategy, Management, Marketing and Operations

Jude Allen education background stems from an undergrad in Industrial Engineering; Business Administration and Financial Engineering for his Post Graduate studies. He is an ex-Area director of Hilton International and former Executive Director of Radisson Asia Pacific.In 2010 Jude founded Lumira Hotels and Resorts International Sdn Bhd and Pacific Challenge Limited together with his talented partners. Lumira Hotels & Resorts International has been appointed for 5 green-field hotel developments in Malaysia and overseas.


Iskandar Zakaria Melvin

Partner, Management & Operation

I.Z Melvin is a well respected name in the hotel industry in Malaysia. With more than 42 years of hotel industry experience under his belt, he is very well versed with every aspect of hotel operations and administration of every amplitude ranging from Budget, Boutiques hotels & resorts, and all the way to luxurious 5 star establishments. He has served in various senior capacities in hotel operations in Malaysia, Australia, Switzerland, and Sri Lanka.

I.Z Melvin's education background consist of several professional Development programs at Cornell University at Ithaca, New York and at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. He also attended Radisson U & Hilton International Hospitality Executive Training programs. Melvin is also a Certified HRDF Trainer and RPL Assessor (Recognition of Prior Learning) in upgrading skilled employees to Level 4 Diploma validated by the Great Britain College Consortium (Cardiff & Vale College, Wales; Cornwall College, England: North East Scotland College, Scotland and South West College, Ireland).


Razif Shah

Partner, Finance & Economics

Razif Shah is trained as an economist having completed his first Bachelor’s degree in Economics at the prestigious London School of Economics and Political Science in the United Kingdom graduating with honours in 1998. He later returned to the United Kingdom in late 2000 to pursue his Master’s degree in Business Administration at the well-respected University of Nottingham Business School.

Razif’s knowledge area and expertise has been in research, market feasibility, business assessment, industry and business benchmarking, financial modelling and corporate finance. He had honed these skills further by serving different roles and senior positions in different media firms, state investment firms and other establishments

London City

Sergius Flavian

Associate Partner, Finance & Marketing

Sergius Flavian has over 28 years experience in the areas of accounting, finance, audit and internal controls.

He has extensive background in the entertainment and hospitality industry which he further honed his expertise in the area of Marketing and Sales as well as Business Development.

A fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and a certified accountant; Sergius is an integral asset to the company.

Office Desk

Asrul Sari Ridzwan

Associate Partner, Technical Services

Asrul has more than 13 years’ experience in the hospitality industry and has been involved in the development, systems and processes, design and blue printing service delivery mechanisms as well as maintenance and operations of hotels.

Underground and Perbadanan Putrajaya Complex & Putrajaya Diplomatic Enclave (now Natural History Museum)) in Putrajaya. Asrul has also been integral in the interior design and fit-put work at 2 Hampshire on Persiaran Hampshire, Troika Show Unit, Park House Singapore and The Maple Residence Common Lobby.

Asrul’s visualization skills, his analytical ability and systems thinking play a vital role in the development of the training programs and content for the hospitality industry.

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